mystery screen print grab bag
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mystery screen print grab bag

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-you pick the price + single color, full color or a mix & we send you a mystery bag! 

-we do our best to give variety & not send multiples of the same prints; however sometimes we may have to send 2+ of a design if your grab bag pricing is large! 

-we do not offer refunds, cancellations nor exchanges on mystery grab bags! 

-photo only shows some of our designs and you are not guaranteed to get any of any of those seen here; to view what you may receive you can look in the single + full color collections of what we have on hand as a possibility for your print designs! 

-this is a screen printed transfer ONLY, no shirt is included in this item! 

-screenprints can be placed on any color & any kind of garment of your choice! 


-TAT: 5-10 business days after close date.



-7-15 second with heavy pressure

-hot peel