2023 Clipart Google Drive
Donny Brooks LLC

2023 Clipart Google Drive

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-lifetime access 

-this drive will contain all of our clipart designs from June 2023 up until Dec. 2023 

-ensure when purchasing you use an email (we recommend using Gmail) that you plan to keep access to and that you can always use to obtain access, we will NOT change emails nor grant access to a different email at any time after your purchase. 

-you will be added to the drive within 24-48 hours of purchase, we recommend adding it to your ‘starred’ folders to maintain and easily access. 

-You MAY use the cliparts to create a NEW design to sell digitally or on finished products. You must create at least 50% of the new design you create, in order to sell the new design digitally. You cannot resale the cliparts as they are nor just add more of our cliparts to a single design. You must add at least 50% to the finished design that is your own work.  If we find that you are reselling or selling without creating a new design thats at least 50% your own, it will result in automatic removal from any drive you’ve purchased with us without a refund and you will no longer be allowed to purchase our products. Please respect our rules. 

**You may NOT share files for any reason. If you are caught sharing my files digitally in any way, you will be banned from further purchases and proper action will be taken.**


 -Commerical license to create new designs and sell digitally is included with this purchase, given you follow the above rules regarding how much of the design is your own. 

*Please do not share our designs or resell our designs. If we find out that you are, it will result in automatic removal from any drive you may be a part of without a refund. And you will no longer be allowed to purchase from us in the future. All designs and rights belong to Donny Brooks LLC.*