RTS Crocheted Items

RTS items are items that we have made to sell and typically are single quanities, every item that is RTS, is also listed as a made to order item. So, if you miss a RTS, no worries, we can still make you one of the same! 

Our snugglers are a hybrid-type security blanket. A cross between a stuffed animal (head) and an unstuffed body. It is absolutely the squishiest, softest, and most lovable snuggler.

Great for little ones to carry around and cuddle. It is sure to bring smiles to anyone who needs a hug.

Our snugglers & plushies are made with super soft blanket and/or chenille, snuggly yarn, lightly stuffed head, and unstuffed body, a mix between a stuffy and a lovey/blanket; made for the best snuggles and easy to carry around everywhere your little one goes!

Disclaimer: Most our crotched snugglers and plushies have safety eyes which are meant for littles, but are not meant to be bitten, sucked, or excessively pulled at. Inspect for loose parts or damage before each use.

Item was made in my smoke-free / animal-friendly home.

Please supervise children under 3yrs

**care instructions**

For best results, I suggest handwashing and air-dry laid flat. Washing in a machine will distort your items.